UpComing Events and Continuing education


March 25, 2023


10:00 am

The Rotational Movement Training® Instructor Course is a Live Certification Event, approximately 6-8 hours in length, which takes you through the proprietary method’s and training principles behind the WeckMethod. Within this course we also explore these principles while mastering the progressions, exercises, and drills with ProPulse® Speed Trainers, WeckMethod Resistance Bands, and RMT® Ropes. Equipment is included as part of the course unless noted otherwise.


April 30, 2023


8:00 am

Become a Level 2 Certified Functional Strength Coach The focus of Level 2 will be predominately the athlete population. From specific warm ups to med ball exercises, plyometric progressions, and strength training and conditioning, our athlete program has helped develop top tier high school, collegiate, and professional athletes. Must have attended and passed the Level 1 Certification to attend.

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